Vintage Tucson

Vintage Tucson Street Photograph
Vintage Tucson Street Photograph

Most importantly, vintage is my way of displaying and sharing my vintage photographs and early ephemera of the Tucson, Arizona area. Notably, as co-owner of the American Antique Mall (with my wife Christy), we have a passion for history.

Furthermore, my focus is material from the turn of the century through the 1940’s. Correspondingly, I enjoy sharing my images with other Tucson history enthusiasts. Moreover, all photography and ephemera on this website is © copyrighted. Also, I grant you permission to reproduce any of my images (both photographs and ephemera) with corresponding credit given to

In addition, Dwight of the American Antique Mall owns and maintains this website. Additionally, we are across the street from historic sites of Doolen Jr. High (1942)  and Blenman Elementary School (1942).

Similarly, the American Antique Mall SELLS vintage photographs and ephemera. Correspondingly, these vintage photographs and ephemera are from both the Tucson area, as well as  from all over the world. Equally important, we are at 3130 E. Grant Road. Additionally, we are on the Southeast corner of Grant Road and Country Club in Tucson, Arizona. Notably, we are the blue building with red stripes, across from Doolen Jr. High School. 

We discovering “new” turn of the century material for our tucson collection . . . TO SHARE WITH OUR VIEWERS! 

  • Tucson Postcards: “real photo” scenes or citizens
  • Cabinet Cards of Tucson: Tucson scenes or citizens
  • Tintypes of Tucson: Tucson scenes or citizens
  • Bank Checks from Tucson: Tucson area cancelled checks 
  • Yearbooks of Tucson: High School / U of A prior to 1930
  • Advertising from Tucson:Tucson businesses letterhead, etc.

Equally important, here are some famous Photographers from the Tucson area:

  • Henry Buehman
  • Fly & Golfstead
  • Francis Hartwell
  • George Ruskruge
  • John P. Rhodes
  • La Luna Studios
  • Joseph Periera
Vintage Tucson Downtown Photo
Vintage Tucson Downtown Photo
Pioneer Hotel Tucson Arizona Decal
Pioneer Hotel Tucson Arizona Decal




Finally, please click on any image for a magnified view!

Vintage Tucson 1990 –  2024 © Schannep Ventures L.L.C. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Vintage Tucson

Vintage Tucson Street Photograph
Vintage Tucson local Photograph

Specifically, this site features images and memorabilia including photographs, postcards, ephemera, and anything else relating to our history from the 1880’s to the 1930’s.

First of all, we have an  interest in purchasing most anything which relates to Arizona!

As a result, we are memorabilia collectors and we also  own The American Antique Mall at 3130 E. Grant Road. As a result, we also sell material that relates to Tucson through our store.

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American Antique Mall is home of Vintage Tucson
American Antique Mall is the home of Vintage Tucson

Most noteworthy, we are at 3130 E. Grant Road, 85716.

Government Heights School Tucson Arizona
Government Heights School happy kids in vintage Tucson Arizona

Tucson Rodeo Ground with Santa Catalina Mountains in background
Rodeo Grounds with the Santa Catalina Mountains in the background c. 1900



Finally, Dwight is the feature appraiser of Arizona relics on “Dig Wars – Ruby Arizona ©” on the Travel Channel © . The Ruby, Arizona ghost town episode first airs on July 3, 2013, as well as several more times.

Vintage Tucson is featured on the Travel Channel

Also, here is an additional picture of us on the Travel Channel’s Dig Wars – Ruby Arizonadownload (1) images