Vintage Tucson Postcards

In general, below is a small selection of Tucson area postcards I have selected to share with you!

University of Arizona Girl’s Dormitory c. 1900 Tucson Arizona Territory
Saguaro Cactus with “outlaws” c. 1910
Apache Indians with Basketry c. 1910

Click on any photo for a magnified view! 

Indian Home near Tucson Arizona Territory c. 1900 

A” Mountain Tucson, Arizona  c. 1930                                  
Catalina Mountains North of Tucson c. 1925                
La Siesta Motel  Tucson, Arizona c. 1940                     
Sage and Sand motel in Tucson, Arizona c. 1940              
Mount Lemmon Road near Tucson, Arizona c. 1930
2016 Tucson5235
City Park Scene Tucson Arizona Postcard                          
2016 Tucson3233
Old Pueblo Club, Tucson Arizona
El Charro Restaurant Tucson
El Charro Mexican Foods
Indian Village Tucson
Indian Village Trading Post Tucson Arizona                     


Early Tucson Hotel
Methodist Church and WIllard Hotel,  Tucson, Arizona                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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  1. My great grandfather was Alfredo Durazo of South Stone who was a rancher and had a meat market. One of your pics looks like his house. My dad told me I was related to Linda Ronstadt. My great grandfather was friends with Fred Ronstadt. I have been trying to find out where the Durazos and Ronstadts got together. I have another picture of my great grandfathers house around early 1900s. Its a lawyers office now but looks like the original house, pretty un-touched. The address is 504 South Stone. My great grandfather had 6 or 7 children. Sarah my grandmother was one of them. Alfredo Durazos wife was Eloisa Herrera daughter of Pedro Herrera one of the early pioneers of Tubac. His house is an historical site in Tubac. Any information you may have would be appreciated.

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