1940 Tucson Harleys and Indians

Most noteworthy, below are photographs from an album I purchase at a local Tucson weekend antique show.

First of all, a seller tells me at the prior monthly show, that she has a photo album for me. Albeit, She is aware that I collect motorcycle memorabilia. Consequently, a “friend” got to her first and purchases the motorcycle photo album, so I have to pay his inflated price.

None-the-less, I am extremely happy to own these rare and one of a kind images to share with you! Consequently, I call this exhibition “Harleys and Indians.” Moreover, you can clearly see Tucson landmarks in the photographs. Most noteworthy, the Santa Catalina Mountains are prominent in the background. Equally important, from judging from the angle of the mountains visible in the photographs, the majority of these pictures are from the Southeast area of Tucson.

Click on any photo for a magnified view ↓

First of all, here is the Tucson Mid-Winter Motorcycle Rodeo with dare devil in foreground.          
Secondly, here are three people stacked on top of a single motorcycle! Most noteworhy, Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains are in the distance.                                                                                                     
Thirdly, here is a proud motorcyclist with trophy. Additionally, note the Arizona license plate mounted to side of the rear fender. Consequently, this stripped down version of a stock motorcycle is called a “bobber”. In conclusion, the owner strips the motorcycle of extra weight to go faster!                                                 
In addition, here are a couple of handsome Indian Motorcycles in the Tucson desert.                          
Also, here is a photo of riding “the iron horse” in the Tucson desert. Santa Catalina Mountains in the background.                                                               
In like manner, here is a motorcycle kicking up  a little dust in the Tucson desert.                                         
Moreover, here are riders horsing around on “dirt bikes” in the Tucson desert.                         
Finally, here is a proud Motorcyclist Kenneth Koebel showing off his latest trophy with his Indian Motorcycle.                                                                                          

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